UCAN Stroke Rehabilitation

Have you or a loved one had life turned upside down due to stroke?

After hospital care and physiotherapy, you’re stuck what to do next to increase mobility and get life back to where it once was.

I offer an innovative service for stroke survivors of all ages, by having rehabilitation and exercise support you can continue to rebuild.

You’re not alone.

“From the first time we met James he was very knowledgeable on stroke and training… mum needed more in terms of a trainer who understood the neurological deficit of a stroke and what sort of training she would need to improve further…. Mum was in a little bit of a rut and had hit a plateau, [James] immediately set a plan and structure for mum to allow her to make further recovery. Since going to James she has improved so much she loves going every week she is seeing strength and mobility gains in both upper and lower extremities. He makes sure he tracks and documents everything she does in a book which she keeps so we can see the positive impact he is having in terms of recovery. I know my mum loves going to James and has 100% seen lots of further recovery since she has been having training sessions with him I would highly recommend any post stroke patient to use his knowledge and training to improve their recovery post stroke” – Lesley Taylor

3 Pillars to Thrive Programme

This programme has been created to support 3 main pillars to fitness; physical, mental, and habitual. With some nutritional support also included, you get a holistic approach 12-week programme designed to get you back to full fitness, and it’s adapted to suit your individual needs

You will;

  1. Receive weekly fitness routine comprising cardio, strength, and mobility
  2. Have video and 121 support
  3. Recognise triggers & understand moods
  4. Learn life long tools to replace self-sabotaging routines
  5. Build a new mindset to achieve aspirations
  6. Challenge your current nutritional habits by creating new ones
  7. Receive recipes to get you active in your nutritional needs
  8. Implement proven self-care methods

“…I'm on the Thrive Programme at the moment, I struggled through lockdown and couldn’t get back into the into the swing of things, stopped going to the gym and couldn’t train at all. But Jim got me back at it, and I feel miles better - mentally and physically - everything is going the right way…” - James Toohey

UCAN Sports Massage Therapy

With a lack of mobility and stretching we are more susceptible to sports injuries.

Sports Therapy Massages support increased flexibility and speed up recovery times, increasing circulation, aid the elimination of by-products of exercise (such as lactic acid), reduce pain, and additionally help you relax, gain focus and clear the mind.

“After playing rugby league for years and using CrossFit to train for it I’ve always had issues with my shoulders and back. Mobility being a problem, but shoulder pain when warming up every day and during the workout to. When I turned 30, I looked at starting to look after my body more, I contacted Jim to look at my shoulder pain and mobility issues, and after just a few sessions I could feel the difference. I am now seeing Jim once a month to keep maintenance up on my body. Warmups, lifting and workouts are now completely pain free and my mobility is improving every week. Investing in your health is the best investment you will make, highly recommend Jim.”